It’s actually a long long story but suffice to say here, after graduating from Oxford, I kind of flunked out of studying anything.  There I had studied Theology which I absolutely loved for the exploration into what belief systems people value around the world.  But out of my studies I did not find a path that resonated with me and I could be committed to.

I discovered yoga in April 2000 in New York City.  It was love at first sight.  I was still in the corporate chapter of my life then but yoga eased in to my being until yoga was my life, life was yoga.

Since then I’ve become a study jock again of anything yoga and cannot get enough of exploring and delving into it further and further.  Nothing has captured my interest and my heart as much as yoga.

The leading influences on my yoga path have been my Mother by her unconditional love, Christie Clark at OM Yoga in NYC by her grace, Desiree Rumbaugh by her effervescent joy and Erich Schiffmann for leading me inside to that quiet place of stillness and peace.

My yoga journey:

OM Yoga Teacher Training Course in NYC and Shambhala Meditation introduction with David Nichtern 2003, intensives with Rod Stryker and Donna Farhi London 2004; Fluid Power Intensive with Shiva Rea, Restorative Yoga and teaching from the Feminine with Judith Lasater, London, Iyengar workshops with Mary Dunn, Johannesburg and Radiant Child with Shaktur Kaur, Johannesburg all in 2005; workshops with Ana Forrest, Seane Corn, Baron Baptiste, Patricia Walden and Rodney Yee at Yoga Journal Conference in Boston, Iyengar workshops with John Schumacher and Anusara Intensive with Desiree Rumbaugh, Johannesburg all in 2006; Anusara Intensives with Jordan Bloom, Johannesburg, Sianna Sherman, Paris and John Friend, London and Yoga Therapy with Doug Keller, London, Tonglen Meditation Introduction, Jennifer Woodhull, Ixopo all in 2007; Intensive with Seane Corn, Durban, Iyengar workshop with David Jacobs, Johannesburg, further Pre-natal Yoga Teacher Training with Janice Clarfield, NYC  and Yoga from Within with Erich Schiffmann, Bali all in 2008.  Anusara Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 with Desiree Rumbaugh, Phoenix, US and Hatha, Bhakti & Jnana Yoga Retreat with Clive Sheridan, Devon, UK both in 2009.

In 2010 I gave birth to my daughter, Indigo and my understanding of love exploded in all dimensions.  I have been so thankful that she arrived at that moment on my life journey.  Yoga is such a wonderful preparation for Motherhood and now I practice witnessing Indigo in the present moment day by day, with acceptance, patience and loving-kindness.

In 2010 and 2011 Yoga Warrior hosted Patrick Creelman from Hong Kong and I continued my exploration of Anusara Yoga, deepening my respect for this inspirational system of yoga.  In 2011 I attended a Teacher Intensive with John Friend, Anusara's founder in New Jersey, US.   Geeta Iyengar held a 4 day convention in Johannesburg also in 2011, possibly one of her last public teaching opportunities in the world.

Btw the photographer is my husband ;-)   

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