Originally from Romania, I spent the later part of my 20’s travelling the world while working on cruise ships. That is where I met my husband who is from South Africa. Once we got engaged we decided to settle down in South Africa, and I moved to Johannesburg in 2010. Adjusting to my new life as an expat was harder than I expected and I soon felt lost and unhappy. Then in 2012 I stumbled upon this book called “A Systematic Course in the Ancient Techniques of Yoga and Kriya” by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and I started practicing pranayama, meditation and asana. The changes in my state of mind and my body happened so quickly and I was hooked.

In February 2015 I began my 200 YTT in vinyasa at Yoga Warrior with Clara Woodburn and Melanie Castleman. It was a challenging journey of self-discovery that I shared with amazing people that have become part of my tribe. At the end of it I was surprised when I realised that nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing my love of yoga with others.

In my classes I like to combine strong sequences that keep you engaged in your body with a healthy dose of mindfulness practice. I always put the wellbeing and safety of my students first, so my classes are designed to suit all levels. My aim is for everyone to leave the class feeling good about their body and their practice.