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Our next 200hr Teacher Training 2020 -  starts March 6th. 

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If you are wondering about your readiness or what to look for in a teacher training, then take a look here at questions you should be asking before signing up.


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PLEASE NOTE - Teachers are appointed to teach our various classes at specific times on a regular / on-going basis and this is stipulated on our online schedule.  This is accessible through the links above which take you to MINDBODY. You can also download the Yoga Warrior App. 

From time to time however, we may need substitute or cancel a class due to operational reasons. Please ensure you check online for the class / teacher beforehand to avoid disappointment. It is also advisable to pre-book your spot using either MINDBODY or Yoga Warrior app.

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Genna Pearson  

Tel: +27 82 559 6713


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Yoga Warrior Classes are open to anyone and are taught in Lower Rosebank

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YOGA creates space in the body and mind. In our time constrained society, yoga is a refuge that allows us to cultivate freedom when its hidden from our reality. Yoga Warrior offers flow (vinyasa) yoga classes based on the different yoga traditions with imaginative and inspiring classes that will revitalise you mentally as well as physically. Whether you are hoping to ease stiffness from an active lifestyle, looking to ground yourself in a stressful job, or simply wanting upliftment, yoga will take you on a journey to help fulfil these aspirations.

February 2020

5-week Beginners Series  starts Sunday 23rd or Monday 24th January


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The Story!

It is 12 years since Yoga Warrior opened it's Rosebank yoga studio Wanna know how it all started?

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